I'm a Melbourne-based yoga teacher, personal trainer,group fitness instructor, health sciences student, and I love cooking. I’m also a coeliac, and mostly vegetarian (I do eat fish). I love to fill my kitchen with fresh ingredients from the local farmers' markets and transform them into delicious and healthy meals. All my recipes are gluten-free, and most are vegetarian, so will likely to appeal to those on a gluten-free and/or vegetarian diet. However, I actually started this site for my gluten-consuming, omnivorous friends and family who were often asking me for recipes because: they wanted interesting and tasty ideas for including more legumes and vegetables in their diet; they wanted to cook from fresh ingredients more as a way of eating healthier; or they simply came over for dinner and enjoyed it!

Unless I’m baking, I don’t tend to measure quantities terribly precisely. [When it comes to ingredients like baking powder which affect the chemistry of a mix, or xanthum gum which is very strong in small quantities, you will want to make pretty exact measurements though.] I’ve tried to be more diligent about this in testing the recipes I post here, but generally it doesn’t matter if there’s a little more olive oil, or a smaller portion of beans included, so don’t get too hung up about it. This is partly a result of my approach to cooking: experimenting by throwing ingredients together does not generally yield recipes which rely on precise quantities. It is also partly just the nature of cooking with fresh ingredients: they will vary in size and flavour. A tomato sauce made with young tomatoes may need a pinch of sugar, while a sauce made from tomatoes at the height of summer probably wont. As long as you taste while you’re cooking and adjust seasoning accordingly you’ll end up making something delish!

As I mentioned, I love cooking. I am more than happy to spend several hours in the kitchen on a weekend cooking up a feast! However, at other times I’m too busy for such indulgence, and if I’ve gone to the gym after work I might not get home until quite late. My solution is to plan ahead: cook more if I’m home early so I can serve up left overs the next night, or partly prepare a meal on the weekend, so only the final few steps are needed during the week. A number of people who ask me for recipes do have routines which keeps them busy and out until late, so I’ll try and include suggestions for steps that can be done in advance, or where there’s an alternative option that might be quicker. I do also have a repertoire of go-to options for dinner for when I’m home late, disorganised, or just don't feel like cooking (yes, it happens to me too). Check out these Quick & easy recipes.

I’m always experimenting in the kitchen and I’d love to hear any suggestions or feedback you might have. If you'd like to combine more active living with your healthy cooking, and you live in Melbourne, take a look at my personal training business: Fresh Life Fitness. In the mean time, enjoy these fresh & delish recipe ideas!

- Kim Heenan