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Tegan Salad

I tend to get a little concerned when I hear the 'vegetarian' conversation going on in the background while I'm cooking. It goes something like this: my partner being quizzed by our dinner guest along the lines of "so are you vegetarian too?", "do you always eat vegetarian meals?", "do you mind not eating meat at home?", "what about protein?", etc., etc. Fast forward an hour or two and said guest has not only complemented the meal but scraped his plate clean and even volunteered to do the washing up (actions speak louder than words)... I think maybe I've changed someone's mind on vegetarian cooking!

Egg & quinoa salad with Moroccan spices & lime-infused yoghurt

If visiting family interstate for a couple of weeks taught me something it's this: eating out of someone else's kitchen is the mother of culinary invention. If you're travelling, house-sitting, or for whatever reason don't have access to your favourite go-to ingredients, rather than getting frustrated or feeling defeated why not view it as an opportunity to get creative? It's moments like these when some of my favourite meals come into being; I may not even know quite what I'm making until I'm almost done, I just start putting things together and see where the food leads me. In this case it was to a refreshing, satisfying and nutritious lunch. Can't have too many yummy salad ideas methinks.

Crunchy mixed greens with mustard vinaigrette

"There might not be enough food... the boys are coming and they eat A LOT"Lil' Sis reviewing my plans for Christmas lunch. Despite being fairly confident that there would be plenty of food I agreed to add an extra dish, opting for a leafy salad to complement the already substantial meal. As it turns out, we were still polishing off the left overs three days later! (Admittedly left-overs are almost compulsory following Christmas lunch.) In this case it definitely worked out for the best because this creation is really very good (am I allowed to say that about my own recipe?)

Warm Mediterranean rice salad

Like many cooking enthusiasts I spent the days leading up to Christmas planning lunch for Christmas day, with little thought given to Christmas eve. "I'll throw something quick together" I thought. Christmas eve night arrives and I find my self staying with my sister, who mentions a mate's helping her out with something and could we feed him too please? Okay, so now I'm in someone else's kitchen, with someone else's pantry and we've got guests for dinner. Oh dear. A quick (read 'frantic') rummage through lil' sis' supplies and ideas are starting to form. This is what I came up with and it was good enough to warrant photos and a recipe request from lil' sis.

Orange, kale, carrot & tofu salad

Summer has arrived and doesn't the warmer weather just make it so much easier to eat well?! Here's another idea for a refreshing and tasty salad to enjoy and feel good about. To my readers in the Northern hemisphere, the key fruit and vegetables: oranges, carrots and leafy greens, are in season during winter too, and it's never the wrong time of year to eat well!

Snickers bar smoothie

Deliciousness in a glass! I mean seriously, who needs junk food when you can make treats like this that are made with proper food and contain real nutrients while also making your taste buds super happy?!

Honey-roasted carrot, chestnut and silverbeet salad

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of 'What's Left in the Fridge at the End of the Week?' And the answer is: carrots, chestnuts, a bunch of silverbeet and some lemons. The lemons are still in the fridge, everything else went into this surprisingly successful creation that I'll definitely be making again.

Citrus chia 'frogs eggs'


This snack idea is so simple I almost didn't post it; doing so feels a bit like writing a recipe for a cup of tea. However, I've had at least five people ask me about this concoction in the space of a week so here it is. 

Stuffed capsicums with parsley pesto

It is possible to overdose on parsley? This is the question my partner's been asking as he shares his suspicions that I'm trying to poison him with the herb, we've been eating that much of it lately! No, I don't have a weird parsley obsession or craving (and I most certainly am not trying to poison anyone), we just have two parsley plants that are on a mission to take over the world, starting with our veggie garden. 

Wild rice & quinoa pilaf with baked ricotta

"It was a dark and stormy night during a miserably cold winter. Fortunately, thanks to Fresh & delish, they had the cosiest comfort food ever to warm them."

Okay, so please keep reading to discover that my culinary skills really are better than my somewhat lacking literary talents. This is absolutely one of my favourite meals for a cold stormy night; pair it with some warm mulled wine and you're all set to beat the winter chills.

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Name this dish!

Figs are in season and abundant at the Farmers' Market; as I adore fresh figs I find this very exciting. Having bought two bags of figs at the markets last weekend, I recalled fondly some very tasty fig and brie mini pizzas I made for a dinner party a few years ago. I wanted a healthier option to the pizza base though, so paired the toppings with some linseed meal crackers. The only thing is, I need your help to name them. The best I can come up with is 'Toasted fig, brie, balsamic caramelised onion and walnut linseed slices' which, while descriptive, is a little long. So, have a go at making these and suggest a new name in the comments section.

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